B i o g r a p h y

Lok Man Ho has been one of the most active harpists in her generation in Hong Kong. She is the first ever local harpist from Hong Kong to get admitted to the masters degree program of the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, London.
Ho obtained her Master of Arts degree with Merit from the Royal Academy of Music, London and the University of London, majoring in harp performance.  Her masters study at the Royal Academy is generously supported by the Nina Young Memorial Scholarship. Jennifer has been the first musician to receive this scholarship from the Friends of the Harp (Hong Kong) as a rising young concert artist. 
She is active as a performer and has been successful in competitions including being a prize winner of the First Hong Kong Harp Competition in the professional division (2010).
She works as a harpist for local professional orchestras,  freelancing for orchestras regularly such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Macau Orchestra and Shenzhen Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2016, she also played in Oslo Chamber Music Festival, Young Euro Classic in Berlin Concert House and Concert in Copenhagen as an orchestral harpist. She had also worked with world renowned musicians such as Edward Gardner, Jac Van Steen, Langlang and Jian Wang. 
Over the years, Ho has given numerous harp recitals in Hong Kong and in London. Ho has also been invited by a number of orchestras to play as soloist performing Concerto  for harp in E flat minor by Reinecke, Danses by Debussy and the Concerto for flute and harp K299 by Mozart in Hong Kong and in London.
Ho is recently invited to perform in World Harp Congress 2018 for New Music , world premiered the new piece 'Cantonese Images' by Paul Patterson in an international platform. She is also the performer for the Leading Professional of Asia concert in Seoul, Korea for the prestigious Asia Harp Festival 2016.  And also served as a guest performer in Taiwan Harp Festival 2015.
During the years 2015-2018, Ho has joined the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in completing the project of "the Ring Cycle" and recorded an album at Naxos. The orchestra was awarded the orchestra of the year by the Gramophone for the HK Phil’s live recordings of the complete Ring Cycle by Richard Wagner on the Naxos label.
During February 2020, Ho has accomplished an Europe tour with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and performed internationally in 7 concerts in 15 days in major venues in different countries including Lucerne(Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium), Dresden(Germany), Stuhr(Germany), Bonn(Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Austria. 






何氏有幸得到Nina Young紀念獎學金以支持在英國皇家音樂學院的學習經費。何氏是第一個以年青音樂家的身份取得這個由豎琴之友成立的獎學金。






她亦與多個本地職業樂團合作,包括香港管弦樂團,香港小交響樂團,香港城市室樂團,香港中樂團及深圳交響樂團。她亦獲邀擔任世界豎琴界表演者,世界首演了豎琴界作品大師Paul Patterson為她的二重奏而作的'Cantonese Images',大獲好評。她亦於台灣豎琴節以及韓國亞洲豎琴節表演嘉賓,演出獲得一致讚賞。