The Symmetry

by Jennifer and Judy 

En Fantaisie by Naderman

彩雲追月 Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon

               Chinese traditional music

                arranged by Jennifer Ho

                     Rumba by Salzedo



Butterfly Lovers , transcribed by Symmetry Duo 

              Performance in Seoul Arts Centre


The Symmetry was newly formed in 2013 by two sisters Judy and Jennifer who are both professional harpists from Hong Kong. They were classically trained at some of the best music colleges in London. Not only do they perform classical music, they also enjoy playing jazz, pop and their own arrangements. They have a passion to bring harp music to audience in an interactive and approachable way. They play on modern acoustic harps as well as celtic and electric harps. The Symmetry was interviewed by SingTao Daily in London after receiving much acclaim from their duo recitals in London. Their next appearance will be in Christmas time on two celtic harps with a handpercussionist! Stay in Tune!

The Symmetry於2013年成立,由兩位香港的豎琴姐妹何靜文和何樂文組成。她們都在 英國倫敦頂尖的音樂學院接受古典音樂訓練。她們不僅表演古典音樂,也熱愛演奏爵士 樂、流行曲和自己的編曲作品。她們希望以悅耳輕快的豎琴音樂與觀眾交流互動。 除了 彈奏傳統豎琴外,她們亦擅長彈奏愛爾蘭豎琴以及電子豎琴。The Symmetry於2013年 在倫敦舉辦的演奏會大獲好評,並接受了星島日報於倫敦的報導。